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Member Feature

''Please Don't Hate Me for This'' by Midnameowfries

"Please Don't Hate Me For This" ; Art by Midnameowfries ; Featured by cortella

Admin Feature

Flying Lessons by markmak

Flying Lessons ; Art by markmak



Meet the team that makes Equestria-Daily possible!
Each of these staff members works really hard to keep the group going and organized!







Monthly Feature Journal : One

What is the Monthly Feature Journal?
    -The Monthly Feature journal will be posted once a month featuring artists, admins, group members, and more because we believe they deserved to be seen and more revealed! We ask that you do your best to go watch, follow, or just leave some friendly comments to everyone featured! Comment what you think too, about the featured stuff and should we keep doing it? If you put yourself out their helping out, you might just be featured next month!

Now, let's get the first ever "Monthly Feature Journal" started!

♥ ♥ ♥


Art that members have submitted to us, categorized into a "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" type of idea.


Canterlot has fallen by Raikoh-illust
The artist puts a lot of detail and the best use of shading used in here. The painting style is quite unique! If you view it in such a way, it can be taken really deep and explode your feels! Quite a good piece!


Cootie Mark Crusaders by Cherkivi
Totally just adorable! The 'Cootie Mark Crusaders' are definitely showing off the cute in this paint with amazing colours! Great job! Deserves to be featured!


Before Crysta After Chrysalis by Aurora-Chiaro
A quite cute piece! Deserved to be featured!


Art by an admin of this group!

Tulipa by cortella
Art by the Founder cortella


Art that is/ is not in our group, but just needed to be featured anyways because we thought they were cute!

Starry Sky by iguana14 MLP - Assemble the Herd! by SullMaster Fall Frosts Bring Forth Fair Fashions by Daniel-SG Fluttershy by TwiddleDittle little rainbow MLP by AquaGalaxy Carmen+Wishes by WishesLotus


This is where we feature some of our members! Yay!

Amazingly Artistic Artist/s:

Her shading and colouring skills are just amazing! We are proud to have this wonderful artist as a part of our group!

Another amazing artist! Her style is really quite unique, and fits really well! Her techniques are incredible!

Most Active Members!
These people were the next people (aside from admins), who were most active in the group! Thanks for taking participation!


Other Features That Deserve More Views!

These are stuff outside of Deviantart. Like Youtube, animation, voice acting, projects, and many many more!

Voice Actors!:

Gloryoftherainwings is an amazing voice actress and singer on Youtube and I believe that she deserved of a Feature! Her voices are extremely amazing, and she has been in and has been casted in many big projects! She surely deserves to be casted more though! So if you need MLP voice actors, go to her!

Projects / Animation:

My Little Amnesia

This youtuber has began a project on an MMD Bridge of 'My Little Amnesia'. The animation wants to be done around Christmas time, and is almost fully casted! The voices of Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike are actually done by the Founder of this group! cortella!

MLP : Animation is Magic

Adam Pallock has animated, and is still casting many crew members for a fanmade season of MLP : FiM called 'Animation is Magic'! This project is huge and only has the best of the best for voice actors! The voice actor featured today is also the voice of Applejack and Princess Luna! Worth something to check out!
MLP Animation is Magic also has a deviantart! Go watch them! :iconmlpanimationismagic:


Support admins/members who need help with feedback and such!
^ The youtube to cortella (The founder of this group)! She is a Voice Actor, Artist and Animator! Go check out her stuff and support her!

♥ ♥ ♥

That's it! But.. Do you want to be featured next month?
You have a chance! Comment what you'd like to be featured, it could be your art, your account, Youtube, or someone else's project! Also leave comments that you helped out and if you enjoyed this feature and if we should keep doing them! For now, that's all! Hope you enjoyed! We love reading to comments and responding so, gooo! Haha! Bye!
More Journal Entries


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ooohhh EQD has a deviantart?
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Is there a quality standard or anything to get into the group? 
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ever since yesterday, firefox (or more precisely, its plugin container) always crashes when I open EQD, I have no idea why that is happening all of a sudden
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