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Submitted on
November 10, 2012


17 (who?)
UPDATE 6: How should we finish the story? It's your call! Read the whole thing and tell us what you think in the comments!
UPDATE 5: All 30 slots are filled now, but the story still hasn't ended! If you want to help finish up, we'll be adding slots one at a time.
UPDATE 4: Slot 30 is open once more! Even if you have contributed before, you can still sign up for slot 30! Get it before it's taken, everypony!
UPDATE 3: Since some writers have been taking a while to write their sentence, a new rule has been issued: after 3 days, you will be sent a note saying to write your sentence by the next day or you will be removed from the slots.

UPDATE 2: We filled up our minimum goal of 30 slots! Before we can accept any more writers, we have to let our slot people make their sentences. We'll update when slots are open again!

UPDATE: Wow, what a hit this project has been! We've gotten an amazing turnout, and the slots are getting filled quicker than gak spreads! I was thinking of turning this into a huge art piece, with the full story on the description, suggesting it as a DD, and even noting it to Lauren Faust! And if you think I'm dreaming big, then you obviously hadn't heard about this group's talent at writing. Read on!

About the Project: One common complaint I've heard from many ponies who watched the Season 3 premiere is: Sombra didn't get ANY background information! This made him less menacing. They all claim that Hasbro really amped up the fright factor at first...but it turned out to be a huge letdown when he didn't even have a background story or motive! So...I present everypony with a challenge:

Think up a background story for King Sombra!

Some of you may think, "No big deal, I already have one conjured up. Now, where's my quill and paper?" But not so fast! The catch is you'll be working with everypony else to make one all together! How, you ask? Simple! What we do is we each think up one sentence, and one sentence only, for Sombra's background story! Our goal is at LEAST 30 sentences, so spread the word to all your friends!

Here is the first sentence, made by me: (more sentences will be added as we progress.)

1) (By Star--Sprout) King Sombra started out as a normal colt, his heart warm and golden as the sun.
2) (By XoXPeaceHeartXoX) He cherished everything he owned, and never asked for more than what he had.
3) (By StoryPony) Although he was happy with what he had, he had never known the joy of true love.
4) (By DeathLightning21) So on his quest to find such joys, He found a beautiful Crystal Pony.
5) (By XYZExtreme13) The Crystal Pony turned Sombra away; causing Sombra's absence of love to be replaced with hatred and darkness.
6) (By DragonwolfRooke) The darkness turned his heart to black stone, and the shadows filled him with a dark and evil form of magic.
7) (By DestinyDecade) He became evil, unleashing his power throughout the kingdom and turning his rule into an iron fist.
8) (By Luminovia) The crystal ponies dreaded that day, the day they had lost everything, the day the empire fell.
9) (By RookieOwl) Still some Crystal ponies didn't gave up so fast, they knew how a mare broke his heart, making him dark and bitter so they made up a plan in hope of refilling it with love:
10) (By earwig888) The sweetest and most beautiful mare out of all the Crystal ponies volunteered to go the King, certain she could teach him to love again.
11) (By ZuTheSkunk) But it was of no use - the King's heart has reached the point of no return, when all he could see around himself were enemies and betrayers, only worth of becoming his slaves.
12) (By Daniel-SG) The now mad King Sombra rewarded the mare's kindness by imprisoning her in crystal, displaying it in the courtyard as a warning to all who dared challenge his rule.
13) (By Malefic-Malafor) Then, with sickening smirk and a touch of madness in his eyes, Sombra's horn pulsed and sent a wave of blackest magic coursing throughout the empire.
14) (By Rubychan98) The wave of black magic that coursed throughout the empire was so deadly and full of pure evil intent that it crushed the fear of the Crystal ponies, replacing it with absolute terror, and as for those who had resisted King Sombra's rule, they had finally experienced the horror and sheer reality that they could never ever change Sombra's black heart and that as long as he was in power, they'd be powerless to stop him.
15) (By Mad-Sanity) Thus the rule of King Sombra had come to full power and the dark king was confident he had made the crystal ponies pay for what they had done to him.
16) (By twiflutterpie) Everything was perfect, but Celestia and Luna saw how awful life was for the crystal ponies, eventually standing up to him and turned him into a shadow that was imprisoned deep within the artic ice.
17) (By goggleeyes23) Screaming in blood curdling rage, he used his black magic to make the spell turn against the empire as well, dragging it into the ice with him and freezing them, one in time and the other in body, for a thousand years.
18) (By XKing-SombraX) Before Luna and Celestia came to defeat King Sombra, he hid the crystal heart where he thought nopony would find it , as for the crystal ponies they disappeared with the kingdom.
19) (By Karmation) Sombra knew that the Crystal Heart was deemed all powerful with love and harmony, thus he casted amnesia among the ponies so that they remain emotionless and never be able to help themselves again, losing both their memories and previous crystal bodies.
20) (By SwordSparks) Celestia and Luna could only watch as the Crystal Empire had fallen, their magic not strong enough to save it.
21) (By Kala-IT-Screenshots) King Sombra had yet to know of what could become of such power, not knowing the possibility of being over thrown or have the empire fall out of his own hooves.
22) (By lhs1014) Little more than a shadow, King Sombra roamed the depths of the ice, planning for the day a thousand years in the future when he would return and take his revenge on those who defeated him.
23) (By SonicTrio123) Then,an open life force came as a young explorer's soul was used as a passage to his freedom and the curse slightly broken even though he was still bounded as a shadow.
24) (By YoshiLuigiFan22) The explorer was determined to break the curse now eager to get to the bottom of things.
25) (By SeptilSix) But Sombra had his own plan for the explorer, and by deceiving him into using the arts of dark magic he escaped from his icy prison and was now free to roam about the arctic north, searching for a chance at his return.
26) (By Flying-With-The-Owls) He began to watch the Crystal Ponies and to plot his return: If Celestia and Luna couldn't stop him a thousand years ago, there would be no power in all the land that could vanquish him now!
27) (By felousefarnayne) A smirk appeared upon his shadowed face, as he thought to himself that he would not make the same mistake twice and so he waited for his empire to return that he wanted back under his hoof and command. For if he couldn't get love or the precious joys in this world, he may as well make them himself.
28) (By InvaderLez) Soon after escaping from the ice, the Crystal Empire came back into view after a thousand years. Though it looked like the original, the happiness and love that once radiated from it was no longer there. No longer there to protect it.
29) (By I-fell) So King Sombra jumped onto the opportunity and used all of his strength to curse (or taint) it.
30) (By XxBlue-ThunderxX) The crystal ponies had no idea what was happening, they supposed it was Sombra.
31) (By StoryPony) He had then heard of the so-called Elements of Harmony, thus he devised a new plan of power to prevent their magic of friendship from stopping him: The Nightmare Door.
32) (By Karmation) Beside the Nightmare Door, he decided to highten his defenses by hiding his hidden stairway in the shadow of the crystal throne, thinking that the Element of Magic can never cast dark spells to gain access to it.
33) (By DeathLightning21) But things seemed not to work on in his favor, the element seemed to be getting ever so closer to the one thing that could ruin his plans for revenge.
34) (By RookieOwl) So in his final attempt to stop the element, he putted a spell around it that would trap on dark crystals whoever came close the heart.
35) (By PrototypePegasus) But this spell wasn't perfect, it required constant buffing to keep it in place; he knew it wouldn't last forever.
36) (By Huskkies) But yet the he cast the spell, hoping it would contain the element long enough for him to retrieve the crystal heart.
37) (By StoryPony) The shadowy mass of the once great King Sombra was beaten and nearly faded into the now black snow far off into the blizzard covered mountains.
38 (By Star--Sprout) The King knew when to pick his fights, and he knew this one wasn't worth it...but he knew that the time would come, and when that time came, he'd have some ponies to help...
How should we end this? Leave your opinion in the comments!
...This oughta be good...
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Lou-Sifer Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay okay hard one hmmm.... I'm most certainly not a writer but I do have an idea. But really if you feel uncomfortable with it you should say it as it is. The last thing I want to do it to ruin this now that it is so good.
Star--Sprout Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student General Artist
What is the idea? We're open to all ideas here ^^
Lou-Sifer Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now there was nothing left to do but wait. All preparations were made, lose ends bound all futures forseen. He was ready.

I don't know... You deside you can change anything you don't like about it.
Star--Sprout Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Sorry...we finished the project :saddummy: You can still help illustrate it, if you'd like, though!
RookieOwl Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The idea of an epilogue is great, because honestly this seems hard to finish
Star--Sprout Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist a skip to after the premiere.
RookieOwl Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah because King Sombra can regenerate
felousefarnayne Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hmm thats quite difficult, we probably should have someone handle an epilogue of some description to this, set before the situation or after his defeat
Star--Sprout Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes, *StoryPony is going to start this off!
StoryPony Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmmm, ending this would be quite difficult seeing as the last sentences were a tad on the repetitive side. Maybe it should end with Sombra realizing the weakness of the Element of Magic knowing how she would never go against Celestia's word when she vowed to take the test, thus vowing to entrap her if anything went wrong until Spike came in.
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